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 READ THIS Before making any threads in this forum.

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BeitragThema: READ THIS Before making any threads in this forum.   So Dez 12, 2010 7:18 pm

To apply for your cop status, you must include the following:

-Why would you like to become a cop on our servers
-What experience do you have with Half Life 2: DeathMatch and RolePlaying
-How old are you (Do NOT Lie)
-Where are you from
-In Game Name/Nick

Must Have:
-30 hours of gameplay on the roleplay server, and a 15 $/min Wages
-20 Useful posts on the forums, Try to keep a positive attitude.
-Must be 15+ Years older
-Should own a Headset with a microphone, or speakers and a microphone.

To become an Administrator please contact via pm Speedy or Desertos.
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READ THIS Before making any threads in this forum.
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